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Our services

Technology is rapidly evolving and we are committed to offering you the latest options to help with the growth of your business. At Fifty Point we offer quality services to assist in building the foundation of your successful business. In addition to the services below, we can customize each offering to include more personal touch, catering to your unique needs.


Each site comes with basic SEO services. This is critical to the success of your business being ranked and listed high in the popular search engines. Ongoing SEO campaigns are available for you to ensure yours continues to rank high and keeps you there longer.

Social Media

Social networking is now the primary way people interact with one another online. Using online word of mouth is a powerful way to share information quickly and accurately about your business. It is also a critical means for you the business owner to actively see what your customers are thinking. Using various social media mediums is an effective way to keep the user engaged and can help you earn the clients business quickly.

Google Adwords

Adwords is a pay per click service that offers you the ability to be listed at the top of Google's search results. This service offers you the option to list your ad on keyword on related websites. With some detailed market research we can determine what keywords are related to your site and use strategically use them for a Google adwords campaign.

Graphic Design


A unique site has unique graphics. Custom graphics are included with every website, this means that your site is a not a replica of countless others. We offer graphic services beyond the website package including print design.

Web Design


A website must express the nature and feeling of your business or products, be attractive enough to hold a visitor's attention and easy enough to navigate that they will easily find what they need.

Mobile Design


mobile freindly websites are inclued with every website. We do this so your sites is not just limited to a computer or displayed on a mobile device with navigation difficulties.

Identity Design


Creating an identity (branding) is one of the most important aspects of your business. A unique identity separates you from the rest of your competitors as well as makes your business look more professional.

Our Technologies.

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